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Pinned Article October 2021: StatusHub Automatic Enrollment

Information about the Automatic enrollment for StatusHub alerts.

Pinned Article October 2021: Windows Update and Upgrade Changes

Information on changes to the Windows Update service for Bowdoin computers

May 2021: Classroom and Lab Computer Replacements for the Summer

Classroom and lab changes for the summer of 2021.

May 2021: Dual-Boot No Longer Offered. Alternative Access to Windows Labs Available

Information about the removal of Dual-boot functionality in labs and classrooms

May 2021: iPad Cellular Service to be Disabled May 25

Information about disabling of student iPad cellular plans.

May 2021: Scratch Drive to be Retired

Scratch to be retired on June 1, 2021.

May 2021: Summer Classroom AV Upgrades and Additions

Upgrades, additions, and changes to classrooms and classroom AV for the summer of 2021.

March 2021: Introduction to Information Technology Surveys

Information on surveys generated from closed ticket requests from Information Technology that will begin on March 10, 2021

March 2021: New In-bound Phone System for the IT Service Desk

Information about the new in-bound phone system for the IT Service Desk going live on March 10, 2021.

March 2021: New Look to Automated Emails from Information Technology

Information on the new look of auto-generated email messages from the IT ticket request system coming March 10, 2021.