How to install the EMS Client software

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  • How can I install EMS?
  • I need to use EMS and I am supposed ot have permission to use it, how can I install it?


EMS is the college's classroom and event space booking software. It is managed through the Events and Summer Programming Office to schedule and book classrooms, large meeting spaces and events. Some campus customers have been given the permission to view and/or update information in EMS. There are two ways to access EMS, through the web at and through an installed application on a Windows computer.


All clients can install the EMS application without any assistance from Information Technology. The application allows it to be downloaded and run by non-administrative users running Windows 10. 

  • Open a web browser and go to
  • Read the instructions on the page and click the link provided to download 2 files. There will be EMSApplication.exe and emswebdeployconfiguration.cfg.
  • Once downloaded, browse to your download location (usually your Downloads folder) and double-click the EMSApplication.exe to run the installer.
Note 1: You may need to be allowing popups or you may be prompted to allow popups from the website in order to download the application and the configuration file. Pay attention to any alerts and follow the instructions provided.
Note 2: Both files must be in the same folder when you run the installer. If you move one of the files, the application will not install correctly.
Note 3: This installation will not remove any previous version of EMS. It is recommended to delete any old shortcuts so as to not accidentally run an older version. At some point in the future, the previous version(s) will be removed automatically by Information Technology.

If you need further assistance, please contact the Bowdoin College Service Desk


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