May 2021: iPad Cellular Service to be Disabled May 25

During the COVID-19 pandemic, while students were learning remotely, the college provided cellular service to a number of students who may not have had access to Internet or didn't have access to quality Internet connectivity. The intent of this program was to provide students access during the college's 2020-2021 academic year. With that year closing on May 24, cellular service will being to be disabled on May 25.

Due to the volume of accounts that will need to be disabled, it will take time for our carrier partners to disable the service so we are unable to provide an exact date or time that service will be disabled but the process will begin on May 25, 2021.

While the college is no longer providing cellular access to students, you may seek out and obtain your own cellular plan for your device. You can either sign up for a plan directly on the iPad, or obtain a plan through a cell phone provider. Both of these options are at the student's expense.



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Thu 5/20/21 9:56 AM
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