May 2021: Classroom and Lab Computer Replacements for the Summer

The annual summer computer refresh is about to begin! Beginning the week of May 24, unused computer labs around campus will have their software refreshed and updated. Later in the summer, some computers will also be replaced, based on the 4-year cycle. Due to being away last year, we will be replacing computers that should have been replaced last summer, so we're pushing computer lab and classroom replacements out by one year.

Computer Replacements

There are a small number of computer lab and classroom computers that are being replaced this summer. Each computer lab that is being replaced (except Searles 021) will receive a new Apple M1 iMac to replace existing iMacs. Each Mac will receive the same specs as previous years but the screen size increases slightly.

Computer labs to be replaced:

  • Electronic Classroom - Hawthorne-Longfellow Library
  • Media Commons - Hawthorne-Longfellow Library
  • Searles 224
  • Searles 116
  • Searles 021 (receiving Dell OptiPlex 7480 AIO)
  • Kanbar 101
  • Coastal Studies Farmhouse (receiving computers reallocated from Searles 224)
  • Adams 303 (receiving computers reallocated from Searles 224)

Classroom computers to be replaced:

  • All Roux Center classroom computers

Other Changes

As mentioned in another article, dual-boot capabilities will be removed from all classroom and labs and Windows will be provided through alternative means. For more information, see the "Related Articles" section on the page.

Software Included

We've updated the lists of software available for macOS, on our Windows computers, and now on our Azure (Microsoft) Virtual Workstations


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