May 2021: Scratch Drive to be Retired

During the summer of 2022, the Scratch drive on Microwave will be removed and all contents deleted. 

Formal date for Scratch Drive removal TBD.

Scratch (aka. Scratch Space, Scratch Drive, Microwave\Scratch) has served its purpose of allowing faculty and staff to quickly save and share files with others in on campus.

Scratch has no security controls on it. Campus community members can put anything they wanted into that space but the downside is that anyone could read it, copy it, and/or delete it if they wanted to. 

With the campus-wide use of Microsoft Teams and Microsoft OneDrive, providing quick file and folder sharing with much tighter security controls ensuring that only the people you intend to share content with can access it, Scratch will be retired.


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Thu 5/20/21 2:29 PM
Wed 7/20/22 3:35 PM