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BoardEffect is a service used by the President's Office and Trustee members to faciliate communication and conversation amongst the members of the Board. In addition, BoardEffect has tools designed to manage meetings and other functions unique to the Board of Trustees. BoardEffect uses Okta single sign-on combined with Duo MFA to ensure security of those accessing the platform. All Board members are assigned a Bowdoin username and password that need to be setup by each person in order to log in to BoardEffect.


All persons who need access into BoardEffect will be assigned permissions through the President's Office. Once authorization has been granted, a Bowdoin account will be setup and configured by Information Technology to allow access into the application.

BoardEffect can be accessed through the Okta Login Portal at

Once authenticated, locate the BoardEffect tile and click it to access the application.

If this is the first time accessing the login portal, you will be requested to setup Okta, including security questions in the event you forget your password in the future, and Duo MFA. Instructions for both are available in the "Related Articles" section of this page.

If you need further assistance, please contact the Bowdoin College Service Desk


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