How to Request a Room Reservation and Manage an Event


You can use the single "Create an Event" form in CampusGroups for the following functions:

  • Search for and request a room reservation 
  • Request room setup needs
  • Manage the marketing details of your event (for display on CampusGroups and, depending on your view settings, the public-facing College Calendar)

To request an event space and manage your event, log in to Campus Groups using the “Bowdoin College Login” button.

Video Tutorial

Descriptive Tutorial

You must be an officer of a Group within CampusGroups to use this form; for example, if you are attempting to reserve a room for an English department event, you must be an officer of the English Department group. Visit the article Request Department or Organization Access in CampusGroups for details. 

Visit the CampusGroups Events page. Select the “+ Create Event” button. 

Screenshot of CampusGroups Events tab

You'll be asked to select your group. Once you’ve selected a group, you will be asked to select an Event Template. Choose the general Event Template. You will then be taken to the event creation form.

There are 9 different sections within this form; this article will describe each section.

  • What 
  • Team 
  • When 
  • Where 
  • Photo 
  • More  
  • Access & Display 
  • Registration 
  • Advanced 

When you have filled out all the fields needed to manage your event, click the "Create Event" button at the bottom of the page.

Screenshot of the "Create Event" button

Once you have submitted your event, you will be shown the Room Setup Request form. If you have any facilities needs, such as a particular room setup, select "Yes" and enter your request. Do not include A/V requests in this form — those should be submitted separately.

Both your room request and room setup request will be sent to the Office of Events and Summer Programs for review and approval. Submitting this form is not a guarantee of a room reservation or setup confirmation.


Event Name: Enter your event name here. This is the name that will display on the calendar, so be brief but descriptive.

Description: The visible description field is for the short description, which will display on the mobile app and the registration page. If you would like to add a fuller description for your event page, click on the “Detailed description (HTML design)” link. Once you click on that link, a new field will be revealed with a WYSIWYG editor.

Event Type: Select the relevant event type using the dropdown menu. If multiple event types apply to your event, choose the one that is most relevant. 

Event Tags: Select the tags that apply to your event. You may select multiple event tags.

Organizing Team

The organizing team information will determine who receives inquiries about the event, as well as who has permission to manage the event. 

Event Coordinator: If you are creating the event, you will be the default “event coordinator” listed, but you can select additional coordinators or create a custom contact. To select a different event coordinator, click on the dropdown menu to choose another officer from your group.  

Team Members: This optional field will allow you to add other team members who are not necessarily in your group — for example, if you are co-hosting an event, you could add another person from another team here. 

CG Documentation: Add Team Members to Your Event


Start Date: Enter your start date using the date picker.

Start Time: Enter the start time using the dropdown menus.

End Date: This field is optional; enter end date, if relevant. 

End Time: Enter the end time using the dropdown menus.

Time Zone: Select your time zone. It will be "Eastern Time" by default. 

Custom Time Instructions: If you have custom time instructions that are not captured by the fields above, click on the “Custom time instructions” link; it will reveal a field where you can type the custom instructions. These instructions will appear on your event listing. 

Recurring Event Settings: If this is a recurring event, click on the “Recurring event settings” link; it will reveal a table where you can select the other dates that are part of this event series. 


Type: There are three types of event locations:

  • On-Campus Room Reservation: An on-campus building managed by the Office of Events and Summer Programs.
  • Other Location: An off-campus location or a Bowdoin location that does not use EMS for room reservations.
  • Online Only: A virtual event.

On-Campus Room Reservation

Number of Attendees (required): Enter the expected number of attendees. This will determine what rooms are displayed to you when you browse rooms. You can adjust this filter once you’ve clicked “Book rooms.” 

Setup Time: Indicate how much set-up time you need for the event. 

Breakdown: Indicate how much breakdown time you need for the event. 

Template: If you are an office or department, select the "CampusGroups Faculty/Staff" template.

Room Setup Type: This field will allow you to filter your room choices based on the type of room you are seeking.

Book Rooms: Once you have entered in the number of attendees, click the “Book rooms” button. If you have entered all of the required fields, a dialog will pop up listing available rooms, along with the room capacity and room features. You can use the filter dropdown menus to look for particular room features, room types, buildings, and other capacities than the one you specified in the “Number of attendees” field. Once you have identified the room you want, click the “Book” button next to that room. The “Book” button next to that room will now display a “Booked” indicator with a green checkmark. Now you can click the “x” in the top righthand corner of the pop-up dialog to return to your form. This process does not guarantee your booking. You must wait for a confirmation from the Campus Scheduler.  

[Tip: If you’re looking for a specific room and you don’t see it in your list, try adjusting your room filter by “any capacity.”] 

Who can see the event location: Select the appropriate privacy setting for the location of your event:

  • Everyone
  • Only display the location to logged on users
  • Only display the location to users who are registered

Display map on registration page: This checkbox will be unchecked by default, using the address or latitude/longitude information.

Other Location

Location Name: Type in the location name for your event. 

Address: If you would like the event location to appear on a map, add in the street address here.

Latitude/Longitude: If you do not have the street address, enter the coordinates.

Who can see the event location: Select the appropriate privacy setting for the location of your event:

  • Everyone
  • Only display the location to logged on users
  • Only display the location to users who are registered

Display map on registration page: This checkbox will be checked by default; it uses the address or latitude/longitude information, not the "location name" field.

Online Only

No additional fields in this section; fill out the meeting details in the next section.


Meeting Link: If this is a virtual event and you have already generated your meeting URL, add your meeting link here. 

Create Video Conferencing Link: If you have not yet created your video conferencing/virtual event link, click this button to create your event link using Zoom, Google Meet, MS Teams, BlueJeans, GoTo Meeting, or WebEx.  

Meeting App: If this is a virtual event, select the meeting app you are using.  

Who can see the meeting link: Select the appropriate privacy setting for your meeting link: 

  • Everyone
  • Only display the meeting link to logged on users
  • Only display the meeting link to users who are registered

Photo & Flyer

Photo: Upload the featured event photo for your event. The image will be cropped into a 380x760 rectangle. See CampusGroups’ image sizing guide. Your photo should be optimized for web, ideally smaller than 2MB. 

This is also the image that will be used for the campus calendar on Localist ( and the website. 

More Details

File attachments: If you have PDFs or other files that you want users to reference, you can add them using the + File attachments button. 

Food Provided: If your event will provide food, click on the “Food provided” accordion to expand it; then, use the checkbox to indicate “Food provided,” and fill in the food offered in the available field. If entered, this will display on your event within CampusGroups only. 

Access & Display Options

Read CampusGroups’ documentation on event access and display. These settings will determine who can register for your event and who can see it — as well as which other Bowdoin College channels (i.e., the College Calendar) can display a feed of your upcoming events. 

Who is allowed to register?  
If you are allowing (or requiring) registration for your event, select the audience you are allowing (or requiring) to register. If you do not need registration, you can turn it off in the next “Registration Options” section of this form.  

Who can see this event? 
This privacy setting will determine where your event can display and which users can see it. It also determines which events are fed over to the College Calendar and the Bowdoin website.

  • Everyone: The event will display to all members of the public; ror maximum promotion, select this options. It will be included in the feed sent over to the College Calendar. It has the option of displaying in department website feeds. 
  • Logged on users only: The event will display to Bowdoin, faculty, staff, and students only. It will be included in the College Calendar only if users are logged in there. It will not display in any department website feeds.
  • Group members only: Your event will show to your group members inside CampusGroups only. It will not be included in the College Calendar feed. 
  • Just the people who are allowed to register: Your event will show to your registration audience inside CampusGroups only. It will not be included in the College Calendar.
  • No one: Your event will not appear in CampusGroups OR the College Calendar. This option is useful if you are just trying to reserve a room and are not yet ready to publish your event to the public.

Registration Options 

Read CampusGroups' documentation on registration options.

Do you want to let people register to this event? If you plan to use the CG registration features, select yes. If not — or if you are using a different registration tool such as Cvent — select no. 


A registration table will appear with one row. Click “Edit” in this row. A pop-up dialog will appear where you can specify RSVP details, waiting list specifications, and more. You can create multiple registration types (e.g., you could create one registration cap for students and another for faculty/staff). Click “Save” when you are done. If you’d like to add additional options, click the “+Add New Option” button. You can further utilize CG registration options through these accordions: 

  • Registration will be open from/to 
  • Attendance limit  
  • RSVP Not Attending 
  • Reminder 
  • RSVP personalized email confirmation 
  • Display the list of attendees to 
  • Ticket cover 
  • Feedback request 


If you do not plan to use CG registration, either because your event does not require it or you are using a third-party registration tool such as Cvent or Handshake, you may enter in an external event registration website URL in the field provided.  

Automatically redirect to this page when clicking on this event in the calendar: if you would like to send users directly to your third-party registration link instead of your event detail page, check this box. If you do not check this box, users will be taken to your third-party registration site when they click “Register” from the event page.  

Feedback request: Click on the “Feedback request” accordion to expand it; then, select whether you want to send a follow-up survey to event registrants or checked-in attendees following the event. 

Advanced Options

The Advanced Options section offers additional event management options. Visit the CampusGroups Users Community portal to learn more. 

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