Information about Bowdoin Emeriti Accounts

The emeriti status is bestowed upon a member of the faculty or a member of the staff, upon retirement from the college, by the Bowdoin College Board of Trustees. This status allows the recipient to maintain a Bowdoin email address as well as various other privileges based on their continued role with the College. This article describes much of the technical process around an emeriti accounts.

Emeriti Email Accounts

At least two weeks before departure, Emeriti will receive a new Bowdoin email address that is different than the email address they've had while working at Bowdoin.  The following items describe this new account.

  • The new account will be in the format of {SelectedUsername} where {SelectedUsername} was the username selected by the Client.
  • This email address will continue to be protected by two-factor or multi-factor (MFA) authentication and supported by Information Technology.
  • The former email account will be disabled on the scheduled departure date at or around 5:00 PM EST.
  • It is recommended for staff to add an automatic reply to the original Bowdoin account letting people know the new contact email address. This automatic reply should be done before an Emeriti account is disabled at the end of their last day. Automatic forwarding of email messages is not permitted.
  • Any emeriti account that is not used for a full year will be disabled.
  • If emeriti are re-hired for any reason, they will maintain their emeriti email account, and a new email account will be created for them to use while employed with the College.

Saving Email Messages

  • In concert with the Bowdoin College Email Policy, all existing email messages and attachments remain the property of Bowdoin College and can not be moved into the new mailbox. Personal emails and any intellectual property that does not contain FERPA data OR information related to the business of the College such as committee correspondences, faculty meetings, department meetings, etc., should be organized into a folder if there is a desire to move those messages into the new account. Email will not be automatically copied into the new mailbox.
    • All recipients will have the opportunity to manually move personal email messages and research-related email to the new account.
      • FERPA data can include (but is not limited to)*
        • Date and place of birth, parent(s) and/or guardian addresses, and where parents can be contacted in emergencies;
        • Grades, test scores, courses taken, academic specializations and activities, and official letters regarding a student's status in school;
        • Special education records;
        • Disciplinary records;
        • Medical and health records that the school creates or collects and maintains;
        • Documentation of attendance, schools attended, courses taken, awards conferred, and degrees earned;
        • Personal information such as a student's identification code, social security number,picture, or other information that would make it easy to identify or locate a student.
  • Once a new email address is assigned, Information Technology can work with clients to help move the sorted personal email folders into the new mailbox.

Emeriti Account Access

The same emeriti accounts will be provided a license in Microsoft Office 365 that allows access to email and the online versions of Microsoft Office products. It will also include items that are available under the Microsoft 365 A1 License plan.

This account will not be able to log in to Office products installed on a computer. To continue to access software like Word, PowerPoint or Excel, a personal license for Office 365 will have to be purchased.

Access to Bowdoin's VPN will be available using this account in the event there are on-campus only resources that need to be accessed from off-campus.

Access to some Library services will be available with this new account. Please contact the Library for what access is included.

Emeriti Data

Data used by a people receiving emeriti accounts must also be sorted. Only personal and research data is permissible to leave the College. The same FERPA and other data security elements that were used for sorting email can be used to sort file data.

Data can be moved to a personal online storage location such as OneDrive, DropBox, iCloud Drive, Google Drive, etc. or copied via physical media using an external USB drive or thumb drive.

Emeriti Computer

All computer equipment remains the property of the College unless arrangements are made with the Dean of Academic Affairs, Human Resources, and Information Technology.

If a computer is to leave the college, IT staff must completely erase the device and will assist with creating an account on the device for emeriti to use. No software applications will be installed and it is the responsibility of emeriti to obtain any of the software they choose to use.

Emeriti IT Support

Information Technology will continue to support Emeriti with email and multi-factor authentication or the installation and use of VPN software on supported computer operating systems. All other support will be referred to a third-party.


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