How to print from an iPad, cellphone, smartphone or other mobile device


  • Can I print from my Bowdoin iPad to a Bowdoin printer?
  • Can I print from my personal mobile device to a Bowdoin printer?
  • How can I print from my iPad on campus?


PaperCut, the College's print management software, has the ability to allow Bowdoin faculty, staff, and students to print to campus printers from their personal mobile device and from their Bowdoin-issued iPads.

Printing is available from on-campus, connected to Bowdoin's wireless only. It is not available from off campus or from a cellular connection.


Printing from a mobile device uses a mobile device's native printing functionality and will only work when printing to a PaperCut printer. The steps below demonstrate how to printer from an iOS or iPadOS device.

Note: These steps show how to print from Microsoft Word. Most apps have a similar way to "send" a document to a printer, but they may not all be the same.

  • From a document that you'd like to print, tap on the ellipsis (...) button.

    Image showing the top portion of a Microsoft Word window with the ellipses button highlighted.
  • Scroll down in the "Document" pane and tap on Print.

    Image showing the menu options from Word with the Print option highlighted.
  • Choose AirPrint from your list of options on the "Print" pane.

    An image of the Print pane showing the AirPrint option highlighted.
  • Select the Mobile-Print printer from the list of installed printers. Note that you must be connected to BOWDOIN wireless in order to have any printers appear in the list.

    Image of the Printer pane showing the Mobile-Print printer highlighted.
  • Choose any of the print options you'd like, such as duplex printing, printing only certain pages, etc. When ready, tap on Print.

    Image showing the print options for the document. The Print button is highlighted.
  • The first time you print to this printer, you will be asked for your Bowdoin username and password. Enter that information and tap Continue.
  • Your print job is has now been submitted. You can now release your print job from or from most multi-function devices (MFDs) on campus using your OneCard, Bowdoin username/password or Bowdoin ID number.

If you need further assistance, please contact the Bowdoin College Service Desk


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