How to collect student video and audio submissions in Canvas using Panopto


How can I use my Canvas course to collect video and audio submissions from my students, and grade those submissions?


Creating a Canvas assignment that uses our Panopto video management system allows students to submit video and audio files. Those submissions can then be accessed and graded using the SpeedGrader function within the Canvas grade book.



Create an Assignment in Canvas

1. Navigate to your course in Canvas. Select the Assignments tab, located in the left-hand navigation, and then click the +Assignment button in the top right to add a new assignment

2. In the assignment editor, fill out the assignment and instructions in the text box if needed. Instructions for what students can expect from the submission process can be found here.

3. Make sure that the Submission Type is set to Online and then set to Text Entry so that students have access to the Panopto embed tool

4. Click Save at the bottom to save the assignment, and then select Publish when you are ready for students to review it

5. Students can now submit their Panopto recordings here for you to review. They can follow the instructions located here.


Review and Grade Student Assignments 

1. Navigate to the Assignment and click SpeedGrader in the upper right corner

2. Each submission will include an embedded version of the students' Panopto videos

3. Complete the assessment of the submission by entering a grade.

If you need further assistance, please contact the Bowdoin College Service Desk



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