Using NameCoach in Canvas (Instructor)


NameCoach is a tool that allows name pronunciations to be accessed within Canvas. Faculty and students can record their names and make them available in a single location. Once a name pronunciation has been recorded once it is available in any course within Canvas that the person is enrolled in. Canvas course rosters are automatically sychronized with available NameCoach recordings.

Accessing NameCoach in Canvas

Faculty access NameCoach in their Canvas course. To enable NameCoach follow these steps:

  1. In your Canvas course select the Settings link in the course navigation menu
  2. In the Navigation tab enable NameCoach (ensure the change is saved)
  3. In the NameCoach course navigation link authorize the link between Canvas and NameCoach (this is a one time step)
  4. View your current NameCoach recording, or record it for the first time
  5. View and listen to your student NameCoach recordings. You will also see a list of enrolled students who have not yet recorded their name pronunciations

A Canvas Assignment can be created to encourage your students to record their name pronunciations. This might be a useful exercise at the beginning of a course.

NameCoach Resources

Creating a NameCoach Assignment in Canvas



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