How do I get help when the Service Desk is closed?


  • How do I get help when the Service Desk closed?
  • The Tech Hub and the Service Desk are closed but I need some help, what are my options?


The Tech Hub and Service Desk are open at varying hours throughout the calendar year. The most current hours can be found on our hours of operation knowledge base page.


All faculty, staff, and students have several support options, even with our in-person locations are not open.

  1. Search the Support Portal for articles that may relate to the issue you need help with.
  2. For 24/7 software support that are not specific to Bowdoin (Microsoft Word, Adobe Photoshop, etc.), contact our after-hours, 3rd-party support partner by calling (207) 725-3030 and press option '5'.
  3. If you need to report a campus-wide technology emergency, such as email or wireless not working across campus, please call (207) 725-3030 and press option '5'.


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