How to email comment cards from Polaris


Emailing comment cards from Polaris requires access to a web browser and an email client setup on your computer. For more information about email clients, see the related article linked on the right.

Emailing a comment card

  • Log in to Polaris and go to your class list.
  • Locate the student that you need to send a comment card for and click the link next to their name that looks like an envelope as indicated in the image below.

  • Depending on your operating system, a window may appear asking you what to do with the link you just clicked. 
    • In Windows you may see a pane that opens asking what mail client or application you'd like to use to open the link
    • In OS X/MacOS, you may not get any warning at all and the default email client will open.
  • You will be shown a pre-composed email message similar to the one below

  • You can make some minor additions to the content of the message as needed, however the addresses that are pre-populated should remain untouched.

    Warning: Apple Mail

    Apple's Mail program will not be able to send the comment card email message if left as is. Unfortunately, Mail can not use the semicolon that exists between email address. Each semicolon must be changed to a comma before you can send the message. If you try, you will receive an error.
  • When ready, click Send. A copy of the comment card will be emailed to the student, as well as to any co-instructors for the course, the student's adviser, dean and coach if applicable.


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