Information for students leaving Bowdoin

Whether you are graduating or leaving Bowdoin for other reasons, we wish you well in your future endeavors. Before you leave, please review the following information about backing up your data and forwarding your email:

What to do with your DExC Technology

If you graduate from the college, then you will be gifted your DExC Technology per the DExC Agreement. About 30-60 days after graduation, students will receive communication from Information Technology on what will happen when their devices are released from Bowdoin's ownership. Please be aware that all devices must be powered on and connected to a wireless network for unenrollment to take place. Be sure to have all devices in your possession when the release takes place, otherwise students will need to contact the Bowdoin College Service Desk.

If a student leaves the college before they graduate (if they leave on their own, asked to leave, transfer away, etc.), all DExC equipment, accessories, and cables must be returned to IT.

Taking your email and contacts with you

A student account will remain open and available to use until October 31 of the year of graduation. Afterward, access to the email account is disabled and messages are deleted. While bulk forwarding of Bowdoin email is not allowed, you can either forward individual, important messages one at a time to another account or you can export your email for access later.

Moving Bowdoin email from Apple Mail to Gmail (or other non-Bowdoin email account)

How to Export Email from Outlook for Mac OS

You can also export any contacts that might exist in Microsoft 365 by exporting them from Outlook on the web.

Taking your computer data with you

Over the course of time at Bowdoin students collect data in the forms of documents, projects, videos, music, etc. that they might want to take with them when they leave. This data is most likely not all in the same spot. Some locations to remember when searching for data to backup:

  • Network Home Directory (H: drive)
  • Microsoft OneDrive through your Bowdoin Microsoft 365 subscription
  • Other various locations

It is recommended to copy any of the online files either to a personal computer or to a different online service such as a personal OneDrive account, DropBox, Google Drive, etc.

Notifying contacts that your email address is changing

A great way to tell people that you have a new email address and that you've graduated from Bowdoin is to set up an out of office message. Learn how.


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