Moving Bowdoin email from Apple Mail to Gmail (or other non-Bowdoin email account)


When a student leaves the college after graduation, there may be a desire to save email messages that are stored in Bowdoin's Microsoft 365 platform.  These instructions will walk someone through moving email by using Apple's Mail app in macOS.


Customers can use Apple's Mail app on macOS to easily move their historical Bowdoin email to another email account. These instructions are specific to migrating to Gmail, but would work with other email services that can be attached to Mail in macOS.


  1. Setup Apple's Mail app with your Bowdoin account using the article How to set up Apple Mail for use with a Bowdoin email account.
  2. (Optional) Log in to your Gmail account online and create a sub-folder for your Bowdoin email.
  3. Setup Apple's Mail app with your Gmail account using Google's article Set up Gmail with Mail on a Mac.
  4. (Optional) If you do not see the sub folder you created in step 2, you can create the sub folder for your Bowdoin email in the Gmail account from within Mail now.
  5. In Mail, drag and drop the email that you want to keep into either the subfolder you created or into your Inbox, or other Gmail folder.
  6. Log in to your Gmail account online and verify that you can see the email messages you copied. Note: Depending on how many messages you need to move, it may take some time for them to sync to Gmail completely.

Additional Help

If you need further assistance, please contact the Bowdoin College Service Desk


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