IT checklist for an employee when they are preparing to leave the college


The process for leaving any employer can be complex and confusing and the same goes for having to leave Bowdoin. In order to provide at least a little guidance, here's a checklist that can be used to ensure that everything is taken care of from an IT perspective.

  1. Set an Out of Office message in Mail - While your account will be disabled as soon as you leave, your mailbox will still receive messages for a short period of time. Be sure to set an Out of Office or Away message letting people know that you have left.
  2. Be sure to let your contacts know you're leaving - If there are contacts that you communicate regularly with, it's a nice courtesy to let them know you're leaving and who they should contact in your absence.
  3. Unlock your iPad or iPod Touch by deleting your iCloud account - Be sure to remove your iCloud account from any Apple device you are using. If you do not, the device will not be usable by someone else and we may need to call you in order to have you come back and unlock it for us.
  4. Gather all power adapters and cables - Gather all power adapters, cables, dongles, etc. that have been provided and either turn them in to your supervisor or leave them on your desk. Your department may be charged for any missing cables and adapters.
  5. Make a list of your technology and turn it in to your supervisor - Make a list of the BID numbers of Bowdoin ID numbers of all of the technology you've been assigned and turn it in with the technology to your supervisor. This includes laptops, iPads, iPod Touches, monitors (BID numbers are usually on the back of the monitors) or any other device. This will ensure that we can track and check you out of being assigned the equipment properly.
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