Manage an Exchange Distribution Group from Outlook Online

You can continue to manage any distribution groups you own from Outlook Online. They can be accessed any time, from both on and off campus. 

Access your Outlook settings

To access the list of distribution groups you are a member of or can manage, follow these steps.

  1. Log in to Outlook Online
  2. Click the Settings (i.e., gear) icon a little to the left of your icon, toward the upper-right corner of the screen
  3. Click the "View all Outlook settings" link at the bottom of the Settings pane

Edit a distribution group

Once you've logged in to Outlook Online and you've accessed the Settings panel, you can add and remove people from any list you have the permission to edit:

  1. Click on "General" in the left navigation frame
  2. Click on "Distribution Groups" in the center navigation frame
  3. Select the group that you wish to manage under the "Distribution groups I own" in the right frame
  4. Click the "pencil" icon above the list to edit the selected group
  5. Click the "Membership" link to search for and add or remove members
  6. Click "Save" button to save your changes (or cancel to leave the group's membership unchanged)
  7. Click the "X" in the upper-right of the Settings panel
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