Connect Handshake to Your Exchange or Office 365 Calendar

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Steps for connecting to your Exchange or Office 365 Calendar:


  1. Log in to your Handshake account.
  2. On your home screen in the top right corner, click your display name and then select "User Settings"

  3. Inside the settings menu, select "Calendar Settings" from the options on the left.
  4. If this is the first time authorizing your calendar select "Authorize Calendar Sync". If you need to re-authorize a calendar select "Re-Authorize Calendar Sync".

  5. A new window will arrive, you will see the following options for calendar synchronization.

  6. Select Exchange if your mailbox is on-premises or Office 365 if your mailbox is in Office 365. If you are unsure about where your mailbox is located, contact the Service Desk.
    1. For Exchange, go to step 7.
    2. For Office 365, go to step 8.
  7. Option 1: For Exchange select "Exchange" and input the following information:
    1. Email address: Enter your full email address
    2. IGNORE the option to "Link Office 365 Account"
    3. Password: Enter your password
    4. Exchange Server URL:
    5. Username: bowdoincollege\your username
    6. Check agreement
    7. Click button "Link Exchange Account"
    8. If prompted enter your Bowdoin credentials
    9. If prompted for application authorization click "allow"
    10. Go to Step 9.

  8. For Office 365
    1. Select "Office 365"
    2. Check agreement
    3. Click button "Link Office 365 Account"
    4. Enter your Bowdoin credentials when prompted
    5. If prompted to allow access select "Allow"
  9. Click the radio button next to the calendar you wish to synchronize.
  10. Allow several minutes for the calendar and application to synchronize.
  11. You've done it, happy scheduling!


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