Login Experience Frequently Asked Questions

These FAQs will explain what the Login Portal is, why we are changing our login solution, and how you can set up your dashboard or “Login Portal” and manage your applications. 

Most frequent questions

Why are we changing the login experience? 

To provide a better experience and an added layer of security, we have decided to use a single, integrated platform that provides cloud-based connectivity and support. This service is called Okta.

What will be different? 

After the launch later this summer, your log in page will look different and you will also have access to a new feature: a “Login Portal” webpage where you can access and manage all your applications in one place.    

Do I need to use my full Bowdoin email address to login each time?

Yes, you will need to enter your full Bowdoin email address each time. For instance, if your name is Jane Doe and you currently use "jdoe" and your password to login, you will need to use "jdoe@bowdoin.edu" and your password each time you login after July 30.

Do I need to use two-step verification (Duo) when I login?

Yes, two-step (Duo) will be required when logging into the new login screen. This crucial protection prevents would be cyber criminals from logging into your accounts without you knowing. There is a new "Do not challenge me on this device again" check box though that will prevent you from needing to use two-step (Duo) again from that device. Should you not check that box, you will have to use two-step each time you see the new login screen.   

Which browser will this work on? 

Okta supports all modern Web Browsers, including: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Chrome and Microsoft Edge. 

What happens if Okta goes down? 

Okta is built on an “Always On” architecture. You can always go to www.okta.com/trust to see reliability metrics and to learn more about this service. If Okta were to go down, you would not be able to access your applications via Single Sign-­­On. However, some applications might still be accessible through a direct link. 

Who do I contact in case of login emergencies? 

In the case of a login emergency, contact the Service Desk at servicedesk@bowdoin.edu or by phone at (207) 725-3030.

Getting Started/Setup

Where do I log in to get to Okta?

To open Okta, go to https://login.bowdoin.edu/ in any web browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, etc.).

Should I set up a secondary email?

Secondary emails are useful in case you forget your password, and this is a recommended practice, though not required. The service desk allows you to receive 'Forgotten Password' help so that you can request a password help link be sent to your email address. If you're accessing your company's email through Okta, though, then you won't be able to access the email that was sent. If you have provided Okta with a secondary email address, then Okta will also send the forgotten password email to your secondary email address -­­-­­ making it easy to access and reset your password.

How do I change my security image?

To change your security image, login to Okta on a computer or mobile device. Click on your username in the top menu, and select the ‘Settings’ menu item.

Go to the Security Image section and select Edit.  Select a new Security Image and click Save.

How do I change my password?

To change your password, login to Okta on a computer or mobile device. Click on your username in the top menu, and select the ‘Settings’ menu item.

Go to the Change Password section, and select Edit.  Enter Current Password, New Password and Change Password and click Save.

How can I change my Forgotten Password question?

To change your Forgotten password question, login to Okta on a computer or mobile device. Click on your username in the top menu, and select the ‘Settings’ menu item.

Go to the Forgotten Password question section, and select Edit.  Choose a new question and enter your answer and click Save. Answering a forgotten password question correctly will allow you to change your password.

How can I change my secondary email address information?

To change your secondary email address information, login to Okta on a computer or mobile device. Click on your username in the top menu, and select the ‘Settings’ menu item.

Go to the Personal information section and select and select Edit.  Enter the new secondary email address and click Save.

Dashboard/Login Portal

How do I create a new section?

To create a new section, click on the 'Add Section' on the left menu. You will be asked to enter a new section name (for example, "Personal"). Enter the new name of the section and click save to create it.

How many sections can I have?

You can have up to five sections.

How do I delete a section?

To delete a section, you will need to move all applications out of that section into another one.  Once the section has been emptied you will see a Remove Section option.  Select that option and your section will be deleted.

How can I change the order in which my apps appear?

To change the order of your apps, click and hold on an app icon, then drag and drop the app to the location you would like it to be displayed.

How do I move an app from one section to another?

To move an app from one section to another, click and hold on the app icon, then drag and drop your app to the new section.

How do I search for an app if I can't remember which section I put it on?

At the top of your dashboard, you can find apps in the "Launch App" search bar. If you can't remember which section your app is on, go to the Launch App search, type in the name of your app and select the name to open it when it appears.

Mobile app

What is Okta Mobile?

Okta Mobile is an application that you download from either Apps Store (Apple users) or the Google Play Store (Android Users).  It allows you to have same access to your Okta Application via your mobile device, which means you don’t have to be at your desk to get your work done.

How do I set up Okta mobile?

For Apple users, go to App Store and download Okta Mobile.

For Android users, go to the Google Play Store and download Okta Mobile.

Once installed, you’ll need to enter "bowdoin" in the "Site name" field (if done correctly you will see the Bowdoin Logo show up) and then enter your username and password. Once authenticated, Okta Mobile will ask you to create a PIN. Simply confirm your PIN again, and you’re ready take Okta on the road.

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