Best Practices for Accessible Content in Social Media

Alternative Text

Use meaningful image alternative text where possible. Need ideas? Refer to Alt-text as Poetry by Shannon Finnegan or WebAIM's alternative text guide.


Videos must have open or closed captions.

Hashtags and Mentions

Put hashtags and mentions at the end of your post. Punctuation marks are read aloud by screen readers, so hashtags or @ mentions can be distracting.

Meaningful Link Text

Avoid using click here or read more that have no context for a screen reader.

Hashtag Style

When creating and using hashtags use "camelcase." This makes it easier for people to read and screenreaders to decipher. #NationalPolarBearDay rather than #NATIONALPOLARBEARDAY


Use as few emojis as possible. A screenreader reads the emojis so 1 flower is cute but 4 flowers can be annoying as the reader says flower, flower, flower, flower

Color and Contrast

Pay attention to color contrast and do not rely on color as the only way to identify something.


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