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Information for the Cascade content management system (CMS), Campus Groups, Wordpress and other website services.

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Cascade 8 Content Management System (CMS)

Cascade is the content management system (CMS) software we use to publish content to the main Bowdoin website, General Cascade how-to articles are available on the Hannon Hill website: The articles in TeamDynamix are specific to the Bowdoin instance of Cascade.

Promotion Tool

Documentation for the Promotion Tool (retiring Fall 2021).

Digital Accessibility

Digital accessibility is creating web content that is usable for individuals of all levels of ability and provides the best experience for people who use our web services.

The major categories of ability include (can be temporary, permanent, or situational):
- Visual - blindness, low vision, color-blindness
- Hearing - deafness and hard-of-hearing
- Motor - Inability to use a mouse, slow response time, limited fine motor control.
- Cognitive - Learning disabilities, distractibility, inability to remember or focus on large amounts
of information.

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