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Some departments have additional, shared email accounts that can be accessed by multiple people. In order to gain access to those accounts you must request permission be granted by the owner of the email account. If a shared account doesn't have a specified owner, you may request permission from your supervisor or department chair. 

Click on the "Request Permission" button on the right and fill out the form requesting access to the account.

There are different levels of access permissions you can request:

  • Read Only: The Read Only permission allows the user to look at the messages in the shared mailbox.  A user will not be able to move, delete or copy messages.
  • Full Access: The Full Access permission lets a user open the shared mailbox and act as the owner of that mailbox. After accessing the shared mailbox, a user can create calendar items; read, view, delete, and change email messages; create tasks and calendar contacts. However, a user with Full Access permission can't send email from the shared mailbox unless they also have Send As or Send on Behalf permission.

  • Send As: The Send As permission lets a user impersonate the shared mailbox when sending mail. For example, if Kweku logs into the shared mailbox Marketing Department and sends an email, it will look like the Marketing Department sent the email.

  • Send on Behalf: The Send on Behalf permission lets a user send email on behalf of the shared mailbox. For example, if John logs into the shared mailbox Reception Building and sends an email, it will look like the mail was sent by "John on behalf of Reception Building".

You can choose to have "Full Access with Send As" as a choice also.  This will allow you to edit the contents of the mailbox and reply to messages using that mailbox's address as the sender.

If you need access to an individuals' email account, view the instructions linked to on the right which will guide the account owner through the process of providing access to you. There is no need to have IT staff provide the access. If you need additional assistance, please feel free to call or email the Service Desk.

Available To

Any Bowdoin faculty, staff or student may request access to a shared email account.

Service Promise

Once permission has been authorized, we will work to provide permission within 3 business days and let you know when we're done.

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