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How to setup your Bowdoin calendar on your mobile device.

Creating or Editing general department Information Dumps as well as Standard Operating Procedures for daily and non-standard tasks.

Duo 2-step or 2-factor adds an additional layer of security for accessing Office 365 by requiring authorization from the phone, a mobile device or custom hardware device before allowing access.

Request to make an exception in Bowdoin's Border network firewall

Submit service requests for the main Bowdoin website.

Bowdoin College provides a state of the art wireless network available from in every building and in most outdoor spaces. Access is available for every current faculty, staff and student by authenticating with your Bowdoin username and password on any device. If you are experiencing an issue connecting to wireless or are having other wireless issues, let us know.

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Canvas is a web-based tool which students and faculty use to share educational resources with each other. Use the form on this page to request a new feature or to report a software bug.

Requests for Canvas

Every night during a semester, students employeed by Information Technology fan out across campus to test and verify that the computers and AV technology in each clsasroom and public lab are working correctly. If not, this form can be used to report an issue.

Use this service to request iPad apps for class, install applications on classroom computers, report a classroom issue and more.

Training is required for CMS access. Learn more about signing up.