Services A-Z (97)


Access personal calendar from a mobile device

Application Access

Application Security Manager (ASM)

Assistance accessing OneDrive

Assistance using Confluence

Assistance with 2-Step Authentication for Email



Border Firewall Exception Request

Bowdoin Website Request

BOWDOIN Wireless Network

BOWDOIN-GUEST Wireless Network


Canvas / Blackboard Requests

Classroom Evening Sweeps

Classroom or Computer Lab Request

CMS Access and Training

Computer Hardware Quote

Computer not working

Computer Software Quote

Configure MFU to Secure Scan to Box

Course Folders

Create a new Mailman list

Create a new Microsoft 365 distribution group


Delete or Remove a Distribution List

Digital Accessibility Request


Emergency Phones


Faculty Profile Request

Faculty, Staff, and Student Accounts


General OneCard Request

Green-stripe phones


Install Application or Software

Instructions on accessing HPC resources


Laptop isn't working in the docking station

Loaning Center Equipment Request


Network File and Folder Permissions


Office Technology Moves

Office Telephones or Teams Phones

Other Bowdoin Account Types


PaperCut and Printing Services

PaperCut Scanning

Pickup hardware for recycling or disposal

Printer Services

Propose a new IT project

Provide Card Access and/or Keys


Recover a file or folder from a backup on the network

Remove access to VPN

Remove Card Access

Report a Bad or Broken Network Port

Report a Classroom Technology Issue

Report an issue with a personal calendar

Report an issue with email

Report poor wireless signal strength

Report Wireless Issue

Request a consult for using Zoom for a class or in a classroom or computer lab

Request a new Confluence Space

Request a new research folder

Request a Zoom license

Request a Zoom tutorial

Request a Zoom Webinar License

Request access for Adobe licenses

Request access to a department folder or sub-folder

Request access to shared calendar

Request access to shared email account

Request Access to VPN

Request an InSpace Host License

Request Box Folder Permissions

Request Conference Phone

Request Department or Organization access in CampusGroups

Request Druva License

Request enrollment to an IT pilot program

Request GraphPad Prism for Personal Use

Request help with Bowdoin iPad or iPad Accessory

Request IT Dig Safe Marking

Request new room calendar

Request New Shared Calendar

Request New Software for Classroom or Computer Lab Use

Request Permissions to a Research Folder

Request Remote Work Training

Request replacement peripheral (keyboard, mouse, etc.)

Request software for a computer lab(s)

Request Training

Request Virtual Workstation


Setup Time Machine for MacOS

Student Placements Application


Trouble logging in to Polaris

Trouble logging in to Xfinity on Campus


Unable to connect to VPN