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Mailman email lists are lists made up of a mix of Bowdoin email addresses and those outside of the college. They can be used for a variety of situations and purposes.


Mailman lists are available for request by Bowdoin faculty, staff and students (with approval from Student Activities or advisor).

Additional Information

  • Mailman lists are not populated by IT staff.
  • They require web access and are managed through a web interface at
  • Mailman lists must contain a mix of and other email addresses. If the list contains only addresses, request a distribution group instead by clicking this link.
  • Mailing to the list can be done from any email client
  • Most lists are moderated and we highly recommend requiring moderation, especially with a large number of off-campus email addresses to avoid large amounts of spam.
  • We will try our best to accommodate the email address that you request however this isn't always possible. We will work with you on creating an address that is appropriate and meaningful if needed.

Service Promise

We will work to have the list created within 3 business days following the request.

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All Mailman list functions take place through a web browser. You will either need to be on campus or have enter your Bowdoin username and password to gain access to the administration pages of Mailman before you'll be able to manage your list.


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