Pickup hardware for recycling or disposal


When Bowdoin-issued computer technology is no longer needed or is broken, it can be requested to have someone come to pickup the equipment for disposal, recycling or re-use elsewhere on campus. 

Available To

This service request is available to all faculty and staff who may have technology they no longer need. This is for Bowdoin-issued equipment only. Any personal technology should be recycled through third-party vendors such as Staples or Best Buy. Printer toner should be recycled through the manufacturer or the toner supplier.

Service Promise

Pickup times can vary, especially in the summer months. We will make all attempts to pick up the equipment within one week but that could extend longer during the summer. If you need something removed immediately, please make a note of it in the Additional Information box on the form

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Service ID: 16592
Mon 12/12/16 4:00 PM
Thu 10/26/23 5:03 PM
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