Access personal calendar from a mobile device


Bowdoin employees are able to access their personal calendar through their smartphone or tablet.  Changes made to your calendar on these devices will sync with the Bowdoin Exchange servers and update the information across all devices you use to access your calendars.  

Options Available

The operating system you use, iOS or Android, and if it is a Bowdoin owned device or your own personal device will determine the steps you use to access your Bowdoin personal calendar.

Bowdoin owned iOS (iPhone and iPad)

If you currently use a Bowdoin iPhone or iPad and have not had your email/calendar setup please open the Safari app on your device and go to  Log in using your Bowdoin credentials and click Log in.  Click Continue then Install from the upper right corner.  You will be asked to enter your device's passcode and click Install again.  Done will be available in the upper right corner.  Click Continue again and follow the same steps as above for the second part of the installation.  This will present a box asking you to Trust the Remote Management profile.  Click Trust then Done.  Once the enrollment is complete your email and calendar appointments will start to sync to your device.  You will now be able to click the home button and open the calendar app to see and edit your appointments.  

Personal iOS devices

To add your Bowdoin calendar to your personal device click on the home button and choose Settings.  Scroll down to Calendar, tap Accounts (if any are already present) and choose Add Account.  Choose Exchange.  Enter your email address, Bowdoin password and a description (Bowdoin Exchange is a common title to use).  Click next and enter the following information.

  • Server -
  • Domain - bowdoincollege
  • Your Bowdoin user name (exclude the and password

Click Done in the upper right corner and if everything is input correctly you will receive green checkmarks and can click back to the Accounts page.  From here you can turn on/off the different Exchange features such as Mail, Contacts and Calendars.  You'll also be able to assign how far back you would like your Mail to sync.

One important option is located on the first page when you click Settings/Calendars called Default Calendar, near the bottom of the list.  Click this to assign which calendar (you may have multiple calendars setup on your device) is the default one to create new appointments for.  You can choose which calendar you want an appointment to go to when you create a new event, but you still must have a default one assigned.  

Android devices

Due to Multi-factor Authentication being turned on the native Mail/Calendar app does not work on Android and the Outlook App must be installed.

From the Android, open the Outlook app.  Tap on the 3 bars in the upper left of the window. Go down to the settings wheel in the lower left of the screen.  Add your Bowdoin Account for email and it will also give you options for the calendar.  You will just sign in with your Bowdoin credentials to setup.

Once this configuration is set, you will be able to view and edit your Outlook calendar from your Android and you’ll have a two-way sync between the device and server.

Available To

  • Faculty
  • Staff

Service and Support

The service desk will provide assistance with setting up and using your Bowdoin calendars on your mobile device.


There is currently no cost for the use of mobile calendars.




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