Office Technology Moves


Office technology moves are a common occurrence on campus, especially at the end of each semester. IT staff can be available to assist with setting up the equipment once it has been moved to the new office location. We do ask that we receive at least a week's notice prior to the move in order to schedule a representative accordingly. Click on the "Request Computer Move" button on the right to request IT assistance with taking down or setting up any technology being moved.

If you have not yet requested an office move through Facilities, you can do so by clicking the button below. You will need to disconnect all equipment and pack it in bins prior to moving. If you need assistance in dismantling a workstation, you can request that using this same form.

Physical equipment moves should be requested through the Facilities request system using the button below.

Facilities can also supply bins as needed, be sure to ask for them in your move request.

Enter a Facilities Office Move Service Request

Options Available

We will assist with setting up your complete workstation. If you have been using a monitor arm, please let us know on the request form. We'll also ask for the BID number from each piece of equipment being moved.

Note: IT is not responsible for power strips for workstations. Please be sure that there is enough available power outlets for all equipment being used. A computer workstation with 2 monitors and a stand-up desk may need up to 6 outlets to setup correctly.

If you would like assistance disconnecting any computer technology, you can request help using this same form.

Remember, when packing your office, your phone should go with you. The phone will follow you to your new office and anyone taking over your office will be bringing in their phone.

Service Promise

We will make every attempt to be available to setup the workstation on the date requested however, based on current staffing and schedules, this may not be possible. We will do everything we can to get to the new office as soon as possible.

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