Can I bring my own printer to campus?


Students are allowed to bring their own printer to campus however there are a few giudlines that should be noted.

  • Any personal inkjet or laser printer that can be plugged directly into a computer will work. Be aware that you may need to also purchase a USB cable and a USB adapter to plug it in to your computer.
  • Wireless printers will not work on campus because they can't connect to Bowdoin's wireless network.
  • Printers that are "AirPrint" capable work the same way as wireless printers and they will not work on the wireless network.
  • You can connect and use Bluetooth printers however they can be more expensive and also less reliable.
  • Bowdoin doesn't sell ink or toner so you will either need to order supplies in or visit a local retail store to purchase them.

Because of the limitations of personal printers, nearly all students use PolarPrint which allows them to print to a number of public printers across campus. All students are provided a certain amount of free prints each semester and in most cases, the allocation is enough to cover their printing needs. Additional funds can always be added through the use of OneCard funds.



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