General information about physical printers and printing at Bowdoin.

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Can I bring my own printer to campus?

While students can bring their own printers, it is discouraged due to a variety of limitations.

How to fix a "filter failed" error when printing PDFs on macOS

Solution to the error "Stopped Filter Failed" when printing a PDF from macOS.

How to install a network printer

How to install a network printer in Windows 10 and MacOS

How to print a PDF that is only printing an error page

Information on how to print a PDF that may only be printing an error page when printing from Preview on macOS.

Order Toner for a Department Printer

Information on how to request toner from the Copy Shop for managed Ricoh printers

Printers available for student printing

Information about what printers are available for students to print to.

How to remove a printer from Mac OS or Windows operating system

If you no longer use a printer from a Mac or Windows computer and need to delete it, here's how.