How to watch Xfinity TV on an iPad


  • How can I watch Xfinity TV on my iPad?
  • How do I setup Xfinity on an iPad?


  • All students in residence have access to watch Xfinity streaming services from an iPad using the Xfinity Stream app and their Bowdoin email address and password.
  • Faculty and staff do not have access to these services.


  • To watch Xfinity on an iPad, you should download the Xfinity Stream app for iOS/iPadOS.
  • Once downloaded, open the app and click through the intro screens. When you're at the login page, click the link that says "Xfinity on Campus students Sign in here".
  • Search for and select "Bowdoin College" from the list.
  • You'll be taken to Bowdoin's sign in portal. Sign in with your email address and password.
  • Once signed in, you'll have full access to all Xfinity Campus services.

If you need further assistance, please contact the Bowdoin College Service Desk


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