How to log in to Explain Everything Whiteboard


  • How do I log in to Explain Everything Whiteboard?
  • Do I need to create an account in Explain Everything Whiteboard?


Explain Everything Whiteboard is used by select classes for online teaching and learning. Access to the app must be requested by a faculty member.

An Explain Everything Whiteboard account should not be created.


Certain features of Explain Everything Whiteboard will ask for you to log in or create an account and while we don't have single sign-on directly tied into Explain Everything Whiteboard, you can still use your Bowdoin email and password to log in so that another account is not needed.

  • When you are requested to log in, to share an item or start a session, choose "Sign in with Google".
  • If you've never logged in to a Google app on your iPad, you'll be prompted for an email address.
  • If you HAVE logged in to a Google app, you may see the account listed.
    • If you see an account listed, choose "User another account"
  • Enter your Bowdoin email address and click Next
  • You will be taken to Bowdoin's Single Sign-on page so that you can continue to sign in.


If you need further assistance, please contact the Bowdoin College Service Desk


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