Will Bowdoin replace my iPad Charger or USB-C Cable?


  • I lost my iPad charger, can you replace it?
  • My iPad charger was stolen, how can it be replaced?
  • My iPad cable is broken, how can it be replaced?
  • My iPad cable was lost, will IT replace it?
  • I think my iPad charger is broken, will IT replace it?
  • My charging cable is damaged, can I get a replacement?


An iPad charger and USB-C charging cable were provided to all enrolled students and faculty who requested an iPad beginning in the fall of 2020. A single 18w power adapter and a 2 meter USB-C cable were provided with each device.



Lost or stolen charger or charging cable

If an iPad charger or iPad charging cable are lost , it is the responsibility of the student to replace them. A variety of Apple-recommended chargers and cables can be purchased from Apple directly or some alternatives can be found on Amazon. In many cases, you wouldn't need to replace both items, just the item that is damaged or no longer working.

Damaged or non-functioning charger or charging cable

If an iPad charger no longer works or has become damaged in any way, it may be worth a call to AppleCare. In some cases, AppleCare may opt to replace the charger under the iPad's warranty (be prepared to offer your iPad's serial number). Please note, however, if AppleCare will replace the charger or cable but ask for the $49 fee, it would be less expensive to buy a new charger or cable than replace it under warranty.

Faculty and Staff

If a faculty member has lost their iPad charger or charging cable, please contact the Service Desk with instructions on obtaining a replacement. Please note that your department may be charged for the cost of the replacement at the current retail cost of a repalcement.

If you need further assistance, please contact the Bowdoin College Service Desk


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