How to use Microsoft Teams for a Conference Call


  • Can I use Teams to make a conference call?
  • How can I use Teams for conference calls?
  • Can Teams only do video calls?


Microsoft Teams has the ability to be used as a replacement to a traditional conference bridge system. Many of the features that are available during traditional conference calls are available on a Teams Voice Call. You can obtain the Teams dial-in number and a meeting-specific Phone Conference ID from any meeting created using or Including Microsoft Teams. The ability to create a Teams Voice meeting is available to all faculty, staff and students.


To use Microsoft Teams to create and join a traditional conference call, you can follow the same steps as you would to create a Teams video meeting. See the "Related Articles" section for more information.

  •  To join a Teams meeting by telephone, rather than computer, open the Teams meeting invitation on your Outlook Calendar, from the Teams Calendar view or from the original meeting invitation.

    Screenshot of a calendar entry in Microsoft Teams showing the Dial-in Phone number.
  • A telephone number will be displayed along with a "Phone Conference ID" number. You can use the number provided to dial in to the meeting, as you would a traditional conference bridge or phone conferencing system.

    Microsoft Teams Dial-In Information
  • Dial the number provided on a telephone and listen to the voice prompts. Enter the Phone Conference ID number when prompted. The number will usually be a series of 9 numbers followed by #. The number is truncated in the image above.

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