May 2021: Summer Classroom AV Upgrades and Additions

Summer is nearly upon us which means Classroom AV is able to get a revamp! A number of classroom spaces will have their AV equipment upgraded to newer technology and the college is even adding two new classroom spaces.


The AV equipment will be replaced in a number of spaces around campus. 

  • All 8 standard classrooms in Searles, which includes rooms 113, 115, 126, 213, 215, 217, 223, and 313
    • Each classroom will receive new touch-interface controls similar to others around campus
    • New classroom recording equipment will be added including microphones
    • New wireless device sharing for laptops and iPads is being added.
  • Searles 315 will receive a new drop-down projection screen.
  • Riley House, room 109
    • The old SmartBoard will be removed
    • The room will receive a smaller, more conference room-like upgrade with a new large flat-panel on the wall and a space on the table for laptop connectivity.
  • Hatch 210 is being moved (slightly) and will receive a projection upgrade.
    • The traditional drop-down projection screen and projector will be removed.
    • A new Epson interactive whiteboard system will be installed to offset the board being removed from Riley House.
      • The ceiling height in Riley 109 is too low to accommodate any modern interactive whiteboard system.
      • Hatch 210 was the closest room in proximity that met both the size and capacity to Riley 109.
  • Dance Studio is receiving a new sound system. This will be installed in early June.


Two new active-learning classrooms are being constructed on the second floor of the the Hatch Science Library. Each room (numbered Hatch 212 and 214) will have multiple screens for small group work spread out around the space, will contain the same touch-interface controls as other classrooms, have classroom recording capabilities with ceiling microphones, and support wireless presentations from a laptop or iPad.

For more information, and to see specific details about each room, keep an eye on each room's knowledge base entry listed under the "Related Articles" section.


With the introduction of 2 new active learning spaces in Hatch, the laptop carts that used to be in the Visual Arts Center will be moved to the new Hatch classrooms. This change will allow for greater flexibility in scheduling as the carts could be shared between both spaces if not all are in use. In addition, the Hatch classrooms are fully accessible as the elevator goes to the top floor, unlike in the VAC. This will ensure that classes don't have to be relocated mid-semester.


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