Hatch Science Building, Room 214

Hatch Science Library, Room 214 is designed for both classroom lecture and active learning. It is outfitted with movable tablet arm chairs, multiple large-screen monitors around the room and an interactive whiteboard, flanked by two large static whiteboards.

General Information

Location: Hatch Science Library, Room 214.
Hours: Open by reservation.
Room Type: Classroom.
Seating Capacity: 49.
Reservations: Contact the Campus Scheduler.


Instructor/Podium Station:

  • Mac Mini providing Mac OS and a virtual Windows operating system.
  • 21.5" Crestron Touch Panel/Instructor Monitor.
  • AirTouch sit/stand instructor desk (Push the lever to gently raise or lower the desk to suit your needs).
    • Note: HDMI, USB, and Ethernet Laptop/iPad hook-up available at instructor's station.
  • A list of software for either operating system can be found here.

A/V Technologies:

  • Epson Brightlink 1485Ui Laser Projector with interactive touch screen (Main Display).
    • Wall Mounted, native resolution of 1920 x 1080.
    • Note: Projector touch-screen is screen-shot & e-mail capable.
    • Note:  Projector touch-screen is also a dry-erase board.
  • 4 - Panasonic 55" Professional Displays (Collaboration).
  • Crestron Interactive Touch Panel Controls.
  • Mersive Solstice Pod (Wireless Presentation Solution).
  • Region Free Blu-ray/DVD/CD Player.
    • Note: Located in the AV Rack outside the room in the AV Closet.
  • Room Audio.
  • Ceiling-mounted Digital Document Camera.
  • PTZ (Pan/Tilt/Zoom) web camera (wall mounted on far side opposite the instructor station).
  • Vocal reinforcement Instructor:  Yes - Shure Lavaliere microphone/body pack to room audio with rechargeable dock (Resides on top of the AV Rack next to the instructor station), additional Catchbox Lavaliere microphone as well.
  • Vocal reinforcement Audience:  Yes - Hanging ceiling microphones dispersed throughout the room.
    • NOTE:  The PTZ web camera, lavaliere and hanging microphones are the primary Zoom/MS Teams devices! The CatchBox may also be used as a microphone for Zoom/Teams.
  • Hearing Assist:  Yes, Hearing Loop (Inductive/T-coil):  Compatible with Telecoil-enabled hearing aids or cochlear implants for improved sound clarity and understanding. If a person does not have a compatible hearing aid and/or would like hearing assistance in a space, portable hearing devices are available.

Additional Information:

  • 2 wall-mounted white boards.
  • Manual pull-down window shades.

Training and Support


We highly recommend that you request a training session before using this space for the first time. To request a session, click the button below.

Request Training Session


If you experience any issues in the classroom or lab, either with the AV technology or a computer, please let us know so we can fix it right away!

Report a Classroom or Lab Issue

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