How to delete Zoom recordings from your Bowdoin Zoom account


  • How do I delete my Zoom recordings?


Zoom recordings are, by default, kept in Zoom cloud storage or automatically transferred to your Panopto account. For recordings that remain in Zoom, they can be deleted manually if they are no longer needed.


The following steps will guide you through deleting Zoom recordings that remain in Zoom.

  1. Go to Bowdoin Zoom at and log in with your Bowdoin account
  2. Once Logged in, click on Recordings [1].
  3. On the top of the page, make sure that you are on the Cloud Recordings tab [2].
  4. From the list of Cloud Recordings, find the recording you want to delete.
  5. If you want to delete multiple recordings check the box next to those which you want to delete [3]. By checking the box at the top of the column, all recordings shown will be selected.
  6. Click on the Delete Selected button [4]  .
  7. Alternatively you can choose to Delete All [5] your recordings.

Screenshot of the Recordings section in a Zoom account demonstrating how to delete saved recordings.


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