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Comparison Chart Between Zoom on the Web, Desktop, and iPad

The Zoom desktop client, mobile app, and web client have different features than the Zoom web portal.

Custom Bowdoin Zoom Backgrounds

The Office of Communications and Public Affairs created a set of Bowdoin Zoom backgrounds to use during classes and meetings. Backgrounds are useful for blocking distractions happening behind you like your cat wanting attention!

Editing Zoom Recordings on the Zoom Website

How to Edit Zoom Recordings on the Zoom Site

How to login to Bowdoin's Zoom Service

A full account for Zoom is available to all Bowdoin faculty, students and administrative staff. Follow the directions for logging in to the Zoom on the web, desktop, and mobile client.

Turning on Live Captions in Zoom

Live captioning (called live transcription) in Zoom is available to all faculty, staff, and students.  Live transcriptions show text to speech on the lower part of the Zoom window or in a full transcript window. Live transcripts are machine-generated and while they are not as accurate as a person, they can be helpful for participants in a loud or public space, do not have access to headphones or speakers, are English language learners, or benefit from hearing and reading content simultaneously.

Zoom Licenses

Details on how many licenses Bowdoin owns, how they're used or removed and what features are licensed.

Differences between Host, Co-Host, Alternative Host, and Participant Roles in Zoom

When setting up a meeting you may want to add alternative hosts who can start and let people in from waiting rooms in case you are not there in time. View the differences in roles and what is allowed.