Enabling Phone Lock on the Poly Phone for Teams

Enabling Phone Lock on the Poly Phone for Teams

Enabling the phone lock will cause the phone to require a PIN for use after the screen has gone dark. 

To enable the phone lock:

  1. Tap on your account icon (the circle with your initials in it) in the upper left or right of the screen on the Poly phone for Teams
  2. Tap on Settings
  3. Scroll down and tap on Device Settings
  4. Tap on Phone Lock
  5. Tap on Enable Phone Lock
  6. Set and confirm the pin

By default the phone will require the PIN 5 seconds after the phone screen goes dark. You can change this by tapping on the Phone Lock Timeout and selecting a different time out setting.

If the phone will not allow you to enable the phone lock setting you will have to reset that phone.


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Wed 6/8/22 2:48 PM
Wed 6/8/22 2:48 PM