Setting up a Microsoft Team for your Canvas course


How do I enable a Microsoft Teams team for my current Canvas courses?


Microsoft Teams classes integrates with our Canvas learning management  system. Faculty and students easily navigate between Canvas and Teams using this integration. Users can access their class teams associated with their Canvas course directly from within Canvas. Follow these steps to enable Microsoft Teams in your Learning Management System.



1. ​​​​​​​Select the Canvas course where you want to add Microsoft Teams.

2. Select Settings from the course navigation menu.

3. Select the Integrations tab. 

Note: The Integrations tab appears after you select Settings

4. Enable Microsoft Sync by turning the toggle on. 

Integration tab with feature to Microsoft Sync5. Select the Navigation tab. 

Canvas menu with course navigation6. Drag and drop the Microsoft Teams item from the bottom to top section, or select 'Enable' from the icon and select Save when done. 

Note: Microsoft Teams should appear in the course navigation at the selected spot.  

5.  Select Microsoft Teams to launch the app. 

6.  Select your class team tile to launch Microsoft Teams on the web, desktop, or mobile app.

Note: Before students can access the class team, you must activate the team.


If you need further assistance, please contact the Bowdoin College Service Desk



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