How to find a Teams folder URL


  • I would like to provide someone the URL to a Teams folder, how do I find that?
  • I need to find out what the URL is for Teams folder.


Microsoft Teams is part of the larger Microsoft SharePoint infrastructure. All folders in Teams has a URL that can be used to access that folder from a web browser, if the person with the URL has permissions to the folder and its contents.


To find the URL for a Teams folder, follow the steps below. In the example, we'll use a Team called "My Team" and we'll want the use folders in the "General" channel.

  • In Microsoft Teams, navigate to your team, select the channel, then click the "Files" tab to open the the list of folders and files available. In the example, we'll navigate to the "My Team" team, select "General" from the list of channels underneath it, and then click on the "Files" tab.
  • Locate the folder you need the URL to from the list, or create a new folder.
  • To the right of the folder name, click the ellipses (...) to bring up your options.
  • Select "Copy Link"
  • If you're satisfied with the permissions listed, click Copy. The URL will be copied to your clipboard.
    • The default permissions are "People with existing access can use the link" but you can change that if you need to share the link with a broader audience.
  • You can then email that link, use it in a web browser, or use it to request access for a scan folder in PaperCut. 

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