How to Access Azure Course Folders

Azure course folders are similar to microwave course folders. They have the same folder structure and are built based on the course it's requested for. The only difference being that instead of on microwave they are on an Azure file share. When using Azure Virtual Desktops they are much faster then microwave because they are located in Azure. 

Requesting an Azure Course Folder

If you would like to request an Azure course folder click Request Service on the right specifically adding a note that you want an Azure Course Folder and not a Microwave one. 

Connecting to an Azure Course Folder

  • In the bottom left of your Azure Virtual Desktop click on the search and type in \\\courses\ and press Return.
  • Double click your course number. 
  • You can also access these course folders from computers on campus or on VPN, but they won't be as fast as when connecting from an Azure Virtual Desktop. 
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