Course Folders


Course folders are network folders that are available on request for classes that need to share and access large quantities of data. The data is stored on the Microwave using network storage for the length of a single semester. At the conclusion of a semester, all files and folders are removed. By default, students attending a course are provided read access to a projects and materials folder while receiving write access to a folder that they own with their own username. The instructor for the course will have read and write permissions to all folders within their course folder. A course folder is named by the course ID listed in Polaris.

Options Available

Course folders have the following options available, all of which can be requested by selecting "Request Service" on the right.

  • Create a new course folder
  • Add an additional faculty member or instructor to an existing course folder
  • Add a new student to a course folder
  • Change permissions to a course folder or sub-folder
  • Delete or archive a course folder
  • Other services as requested

Available To

  • Faculty
  • Staff

Service Promise

Course folder access is available from on-campus or via VPN from off campus.

All Course folder content is backed up once a day, in the evenings in case of a disaster. It is not intended to be used as a backup location for general data.

Course folders will be available for request as soon as course email lists have been created. Once a request is made, we make every effort to generate the course folder within 3 business days.


Request Service

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