College-Provided Software

Bowdoin offers and supports a large variety of software for students, faculty and staff.

Some of this software is provided free of charge to current faculty, staff and students as allowed by our licensing agreements.

Students will receive access to most software licensed by the college on their laptops or iPads provided through the Digital Excellence Commitment. Some software can be accessed on personal devices or from a web browser without the need for a Bowdoin-issued device.

We have more than 500 software titles in use across campus. The following is a list of the most commonly used software programs at Bowdoin. You can also see a listing of all software provided in our computer labs (MacOS and Windows Virtual Environments).

For information about Microsoft Office 365, go here: Office 365 Pro Plus Information
Most Bowdoin licensed software is easily accessed through Company Portal and Self-Service applications. Please see the "Related Articles" section on this page for more information.

General Software

Software title Type of license Faculty & Staff Home Use? Student Use?  
Adobe Acrobat Professional Site Yes Yes Acrobat DC Professional is now available to all faculty, full-time staff and students for campus and home computer use and for iPadOS.
Adobe Creative Suite Site Yes Yes The complete Adobe CS Suite is now available to all faculty, full-time staff and students for campus and home computer use and for iPadOS.
Apple Mac Operating System Site Yes Yes  
Endnote Site Yes Yes Available from Self Service for MacOS. Windows users may click the link and complete the form to request download.
Microsoft Office Suite Site Yes Yes Includes Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneDrive, OneNote, and Teams
Microsoft Windows Operating System Site Yes Yes* Windows 11 is provided through OnTheHub. Registration and eligibility required. You must use your Bowdoin email address to register.
Microsoft Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection Site Yes Yes Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection is for Windows and macOS operating systems. It is included with all running versions of Windows 11 and installed automatically on all Bowdoin-issued Macs. In addition, all faculty, staff and students running Windows 11 on their personal machines have access to Defender by default.
Crowdstrike Faculty and Staff Yes No Crowdstrike is the College's anti-malware software for faculty and staff.

Academic Software

Software title Type of license Faculty & Staff Home Use? Student Use?  
ArcPro Site Yes Yes  
Chemdraw Site Yes Yes  
eViews concurrent use No No  
Finale concurrent use No Yes  
Matlab concurrent use Yes Yes MatLab is available for macOS, Windows, on an iPad, and from a web browser using your Bowdoin email and password.
Mathematica Site Yes Yes  
NVivo   Yes Yes NVivo is available in the Windows virtual lab environment  for student use.
Graphad Prism Class Use Yes No The college owns a small number of licenses for individual and classroom use. A per-class use license is available but must be requested but the instructing faculty member.
R and R-Studio Free Yes Yes  
SPSS Site No Yes  
Stata Concurrent use No Yes  
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The College's current license agreements provide for faculty, administrative staff and students to download and install all Adobe products on Bowdoin-issued computers, personal computers or iPad OS.