IT checklist for managers and supervisors for employees leaving the college


The process for preparing an employee to leave the college is stressful and complex. The following steps will guide managers and supervisors through the IT processes that need to take place for every employee.

  1. Make a list of the employee's technology and verify that all items are present - Make a list of the BID numbers of Bowdoin ID numbers of all of the technology the employee had been assigned and verify that all items are present either in your office or in the office they are leaving This includes laptops, iPads, iPod Touches, monitors (BID numbers are usually on the back of the monitors) or any other device. Email this information to the Service Desk at This will ensure that we can track and check the employee out of being assigned the equipment properly.
  2. Unlock any iPad or iPod Touch by deleting their iCloud account - Be sure to remove the employee's iCloud account from any Apple device they were using. If this does not take place, the device will not be usable by anyone else and we may need to call the former employee in order to have them come back and unlock it for us.
  3. Gather all power adapters and cables - Gather all power adapters, cables, dongles, etc. that have been provided and either keep them in your office or leave them on their  desk for IT to pick up. Your department may be charged for any missing cables and adapters.
  4. Let IT know when the replacement is expected to arrive. This will allow a Technical Support Specialist the time to erase and prepare the previous technology with the latest software and updates.
  5. Remember that the technology stays with the position, not the person. If someone moves to another department, their old equipment is to stay behind to be refreshed and they will be assigned new equipment in their new position. The only exception is with their phone and extension. If the desire is to keep their extension, the employee can take their phone with them and IT will reassign a new phone for the office. A person's phone extension is actually assigned to the phone itself.
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