Creating a new meeting in Outlook Online

You can manage your entire calendar, including booking meetings, rooms and creating Microsoft Teams online meetings all within a web browser.

Once you've logged in to Outlook Online click on the Calendar icon in the lower left to be taken to your calendar. Follow these steps to create a new meeting.

  • Press the + New Event icon in the menu bar at the top of the page.
    • A new event meeting window will overlay on top of your calendar window.
  • Enter you calendar even information
    • Meeting description
    • List your attendees (if there are any, of course)
    • Select your date and time using the drop-downs or you can slide the appointment using the graphic on the right.
    • Choose whether this meeting is a single event or should be a recurring meeting. (If this is a recurring appointment, be sure to follow the Best Practices Guidelines for selecting an end date on recurring meetings).
    • Select your location. A list of Bowdoin College room resources will appear to assist you in booking a room, but you may choose other locations by manually entering them.
      • If you want the meeting to be a Microsoft Teams meeting, click the slider icon on the Location field for Teams Meeting
      • When you choose a Teams Meeting, the appropriate connection URLs and other information will be added to the meeting notes automatically once the meeting is saved.
    • Add your reminder time
    • Add a description for the event. You can add attachments, insert images, etc.
  • Once your information is complete. click the Save icon in the upper-left.
  • Your meeting is now ready for yourself or any attendees.
Note: If you have permission to add events to other calendars, in the upper-left corner of the meeting invitation pane, the name of the calendar that the event will be saved on to will be displayed. You can select the drop-down to change the calendar for the appointment from there.


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