Requirements (Integration with CourseLeaf)

Requirements and Learning Goals for each academic department or program are pulled in automatically from the Bowdoin College Catalogue and Academic Handbook, which is managed using the CourseLeaf software; these two pages are not editable within academic websites.

This information should be managed in a standard location on all academic sites for the sake of consistency. Do not modify the navigation location or page names.

If you need to make updates to the listed requirements or learning goals, contact the Office of the Registrar. Once changes have been made in the Catalogue, they will automatically be reflected on your departmental website.

No action is required from site editors.


Note: This integration relies on the structure of the Catalogue and Academic Handbook; Interdisciplinary Majors, Minors and Special Areas of Study that do not have their own standalone Catalogue pages will not be able to utilize this integration. Users should point to the official Catalogue page for requirement information to ensure accuracy. 


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