Cascade 8 Content Management System (CMS)

Cascade is the content management system (CMS) software we use to publish content to the main Bowdoin website, General Cascade how-to articles are available on the Hannon Hill website: The articles in TeamDynamix are specific to the Bowdoin instance of Cascade.

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How to create/edit pages, manage site navigation, publish content, and more — skills that apply to all site template/types.

How to manage and edit faculty/staff profiles in the site. CMS access requires a quick 30-minute training.

A summary of features available on academic sites (departments, programs, majors, minors) only. The first three pages in every academic site should be the same: Our Faculty and Staff, Courses, Requirements.

How to manage profile blocks.

A summary of features available on administrative (office) sites only.

Details about our customized quicksearch feature and a summary of Google Custom Search features.

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Pinned Article CMS Training Classes

These classes are open to site editors managing websites. All classes are taught using Cascade 8, Bowdoin's content management system.