The office site homepage design is slightly different from the academic site homepage. There is one banner display option, and the site navigation is centered beneath the banner in buttons (rather than the left sidebar). The features and content modules available, however, are the same.


There is just one banner display option for administrative site homepages. The banner image will span the full-width of the device, with a set height on all devices.

You can upload multiple banner images on each site; this is a good option for sites unable to choose one single emblematic photograph. If you upload multiple banner images, a random one will load each time a user visits your site. You cannot control which banner a particular user will see.


Navigation appears on office sites as gray-colored buttons. There is a maximum of nine items here, and drop-down navigation is not available.

Page Content

The layout of the office site homepage has a main area (8 columns wide) and a right-hand sidebar (4 columns wide). As with academic department homepages, office site homepages can accommodate multiple rows and the following content modules:

  • Accordion
  • Callout Panel
  • Featured Link
  • Media Feature
  • Photo Gallery
  • Profile Block
  • Related Links
  • Stories
  • Text Area (default)


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