Request enrollment to an IT pilot program


When Information Technology is working on new projects, they often provide pilot software, applications or programs in order to test how the software or services might perform. From time to time IT may request that people work with them in order to do some real-world testing. This form will act as your request to have an opportunity to work on a specific pilot program with IT.

Available To

Information Technology pilot programs are available to any faculty, staff or student requested to participate when appropriate. Not all applications and services are available to all people so availability will be dictated by the program itself.

Pilot Program Terms

You may request to be enrolled in one of the many pilot programs IT may be offering at any given time. By requesting enrollment, it does not guarantee that you will be selected to participate and it also does not mean that you will be enrolled in every pilot offered.

If you are enrolled in an IT pilot program, you understand that the application or service may not be production ready and there is a certain amount of risk that you take. There may be errors, bugs, unintentional popups or messages, etc. that effect the performance of the program.

If you are enrolled in an IT pilot program, you understand that IT may ask for feedback and any and all feedback is welcome, both good, bad or indifferent.

Pilot Program Enrollment


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